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Absolutely, my top priority is safety for our residents.

This translates into a quality of life that people seek out and value. I will make sure that our law enforcement and fire officials are heard by council and we do our best to ensure they have the equipment they need and support their programs.

Strategic Mobility
As A Priority

The annual city budget has historically included funds to maintain streets and enhance run-off capabilities. In addition to ease of maneuvering around our city on our amazing hike and bike trails, I place a high priority on vehicular mobility. Not only must our streets be well maintained, they must be strategically planned for the amount of traffic we see in and around our schools, retail shopping and entertainment areas. No area of the city is entitled to better mobility than another.

Interlocal Agreements Continuation

Our city services are surpassed by no other local community and our interlocal agreements offset costs when possible. I will support the continuation of these agreements.

Local Parks and Recreation Enhancements

We have a great system of hike and bike trails around the city and a dog park to support our four-legged residents. I will always look for additional ways to fund enhancements, outside of local taxes and bond referendums.

Business Diversity Planning

The city of Sugar Land has done a wonderful job with long-range planning. We enjoy a robust local economy, but we must continue diversifying the types of businesses we attract. We must think outside of the box when we suffer the loss of retail businesses along our major thoroughfares and get creative when we look for new corporate and healthcare industry businesses for our rapidly decreasing undeveloped areas.

Promote Our Destination City

Our sports and entertainment venues provide a wonderful opportunity to promote our city as a destination spot, whether for dinner and a ball game, a concert or a weekend away from the city. I support these types of activities as they strengthen our tax base and introduce people to our beautiful city.